Oh fuck my hat, how did you get here?
This is like the hidden dirty cellar of Was Ist Das?
I used to love the idea of this page, a total index of every cool website you could ever possibly need! What could be wrong with that?
I'll tell you what was wrong with it - the sheer fucking effort.

I honestly forgot this page had ever existed, let alone realized it was still live. Then after fourteen years I updated the FAQ page and noticed a link for it on there and went to look. Oh Christ, it even links to the MYSPACE PROFILE FOR CHRISSAKES!

So why haven't I just deleted it?

I don't know. I really don't know but here for you, lost seeker, is a directory of probably dead websites. Fill your boots.
Maybe one day I'll update it?

Ned, April 2022

We have a facebook page which is a great way to get in touch with us, share your sounds with us or keep tabs on what we're up to: facebook link

our Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/heywasistdas

Our (nearly defunct) myspace site: www.myspace.com/wasistdaswebsite



Here be some other websites. Hope they bring you lots and lots of pleasure but don’t forget who sent you, OK?

Now this page is so big, I have had to make a little index here so you can click on the section you need:



!!! - http://chkchkchk.net/ / http://www.myspace.com/chkchkchk

Acid Mothers Temple – http://www.acidmothers.com

Afrirampo - http://www.myspace.com/afrirampo

Agitation Free: www.agitation-free.de

Akron/Family - http://www.akronfamily.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/akronfamily

Al Doum & The Faryds: http://aldoumandthefaryds.tk/

Amon Düül II - http://www.amonduul.de/

Amon Duul II unofficial page: Amon Düül II

Angels Of Light - http://www.myspace.com/theangelsoflight

Animal Collective - http://www.myanimalhome.net/ /

Antony & The Johnsons - http://www.antonyandthejohnsons.com/

Arbouretum - http://arbouretum.blogspot.co.uk/

Ash Ra Temple unoffical site: www.tribute-to-ashra.de

Ashtray Navigations - http://ashtraynavigations.wordpress.com/

Astral Social Club - http://astralsocialclub.wordpress.com/

David Axelrod - http://www.davidaxelrodmusic.com/

Badgerlore - http://www.myspace.com/badgerloreband

Meg Baird - http://www.megbaird.com/

Steve Baltes [Ashra]: www.stevebaltes.de

Black Forest / Black Sea - http://www.secreteye.org/b/

Wil Bolton - http://www.wilbolton.co.uk/

Boredoms - http://www.boredoms.jp/ / http://www.myspace.com/boredoms

Boris - http://www.inoxia-rec.com/boris/

Broadcast - http://www.broadcast.uk.net

Justin Broadrick [Godflesh/Jesu/Final] - http://justinkbroadrick.blogspot.com/

Broken Social Scene: http:/www.arts-crafts.ca/bss/

David Byrne - http://www.davidbyrne.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/davidbyrnemusic

Can – http://www.spoonrecords.com

Cardiacs - http://www.cardiacs.com/ /

Carlton Melton - http://www.carltonmeltonmusic.com/

Tom Carter - http://www.wholly-other.com/tom_carter.html

Charalambides - http://www.wholly-other.com/charalambides.html

Rhys Chatham – http://www.rhyschatham.net / http://www.myspace.com/rhyschatham

Chorlton Radiophonic Workshop - http://www.myspace.com/ccatthechorltonradiophonicworkshop

Circle - http://www.circlefinland.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/circlefinland

Clem Leek - http://www.myspace.com/clemleekofficial

Cluster - http://www.myspace.com/theonlyclusterthatmatters

Comets On Fire - http://www.cometsonfire.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/cometsonfirerockinblues

Tony Conrad - http://tonyconrad.net/

Cool Piano Roll - www.myspace.com/coolpianoroll

Holger Czukay - http://www.czukay.de/

Current 93 - http://www.durtro.com

Damon & Naomi - http://www.damonandnaomi.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/damonandnaomi

Baby Dee - http://www.babydee.org/

Delia Derbyshire fan site - http://www.delia-derbyshire.org/

Zappi W Diermaier [Faust] - http://www.zappi-w-diermaier.com/

Dingerland [Klaus Dinger site]: www.gawl.de/Dingerland

Kevin Drumm - http://www.myspace.com/kevindrumm

Earthling Society - http://www.earthlingsociety.co.uk/

Ectogram: www.ectogram.co.uk

Emperor Machine - http://www.myspace.com/emperormachine

Faust – http://www.faust-pages.com

Luc Ferrari - http://www.lucferrari.org/

Fieldhead - http://www.myspace.com/fieldhead

Flaming Lips - http://www.flaminglips.com

Floh De Cologne - http://www.flohdecologne.de/

Richard Formby - http://www.myspace.com/formbyrichard

Fred Frith - http://www.fredfrith.com/

Ben Frost - http://www.ethermachines.com/

Fursaxa - http://www.fursaxa.net

Games - http://www.myspace.com/gamesmusic

Nancy Garcia - http://www.nancygarcia.org

Ghost - http://www.myspace.com/ghostjapanpsych

The Girls At Dawn - http://www.myspace.com/thegirlsatdawn

Gnod - http://ingnodwetrust.tumblr.com/

Goblin - http://www.goblinhome.com/

Gong - http://www.planetgong.co.uk/

Manuel Göttsching [Ash Ra Temple/Ashra/solo artist]: www.ashra.com

Gregory & The Hawk - http://www.gregoryandthehawk.com/

Harald Grosskopf [Ashra]: www.harald-grosskopf.de

Grouper: http://sites.google.com/site/yellowelectric/Grouper

Guru Guru - http://www.guru-guru.com/

Bridget Hayden - http://www.notwavingordrowning.co.uk/

Robert Hampson [Loop/Main] - http://www.myspace.com/roberthampson

Ian Hawgood - http://www.koenmusic.com

Hessien - http://www.hessien.net/

Hal Hutchinson - http://www.myspace.com/457369711

Holy Other - http://www.myspace.com/holyother

Human Greed - http://omnempathy.com/

Hush Arbos - http://husharbors.tumblr.com/

irr.app.(ext) - http://www.myspace.com/irrappext

Isis - http://www.isistheband.com

Ithaca Trio - http://www.myspace.com/ithaca

Gustavo Jobim - http://www.gustavojobim.com/

Basil Kirchin - http://www.myspace.com/basilkirchin

Kraftwerk - http://www.kraftwerk.com/

La Dusseldorf: www.la-duesseldorf.de

Andrew Liles - http://www.andrewliles.com

LSD March - http://www.myspace.com/lsdmarch

Samara Lubelski - http://www.myspace.com/samaralubelski

Alvin Lucier - http://alucier.web.wesleyan.edu/

Lunz [Hans Joachim Roedelius of Kluster/Cluster/Harmonia and American composer Tim Story]: www.lunz-music.com

Magma - http://www.myspace.com/magmaofficial

Memór - http://www.myspace.com/hjimmeln

Merzbow - http://merzbow.net/

Mice Parade - http://www.myspace.com/miceparadeband

Dieter Moebius - http://dietermoebius.de/

Monster Killed By Laser - http://www.myspace.com/monsterkilledbylaser

MV & EE - http://mvandee.blogspot.co.uk/

Ben Nash - http://www.myspace.com/bennash1

Nurse With Wound - http://www.brainwashed.com/nww/ / http://www.myspace.com/babssantini

Panda Bear - http://www.myspace.com/rippityrippity

Permanentfatalerror [Olivier Manichon, ex-Faust/Ulan Bator]: http://permanentfatalerror.free.fr/

Jean-Herve Peron (Faust) - http://www.art-errorist.de

Plastic Crimewave - http://plasticcrimewave.com/

Popul Vuh fansite - http://www.popolvuh.it/

Johnny Powell - http://www.myspace.com/johnnypowellmusic

The Psychogeographical Commission - http://www.psychetecture.com/

Religious Knives - http://www.religiousknives.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/religi0usknives

Max Richter - http://www.maxrichter.com/

The Riderless: www.theriderless.com

Hans-Joachim Roedelius - http://www.roedelius.com/

Jack Rose - http://www.myspace.com/jackrosekensington

Michael Rother – http://www.michaelrother.de

Samandtheplants - http://samandtheplants.com/

Danny Saul - http://www.myspace.com/dannysaul

Klaus Schulze - http://www.klaus-schulze.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/klausschulze

Seasons(Pre-din) - http://rtjm.wordpress.com

Shigeto - http://www.myspace.com/shigeto

Dudley Simpson fansite - http://www.dudleysimpson.com/

Six Organs Of Admittance – http://www.sixorgans.com / http://www.myspace.com/sixorgans

Slomo - http://www.soundsofslomo.com/

S/T - http://s-slash-t.com / http://www.myspace.com/sssssttttt

Starless & Bible Black - http://www.starlessandbibleblack.com/

Stockhausen: www.stockhausen.org/

Sonic Boom/Spectrum/E.A.R. - http://www.sonic-boom.info/ / http://www.myspace.com/sonicboom

Starving Weirdos - http://www.starvingweirdos.com/

Suicide fansite - http://www.limbos.org/suicide/

Sun Araw - http://www.myspace.com/sunaraw

Sunburned Hand Of The Man – http://www.sunburned.comwww.myspace.com/sunburnedhandoftheman

Sun Ra Arkestra - http://www.elrarecords.com/

Sunn O))) - http://www.ideologic.org/

Damo Suzuki – http://www.damosuzuki.de

Nicholas Szczepanik – http://www.naszczepanik.com

The Tajalli Vortex: www.thetajallivortex.com/

Talvihorros - http://www.talvihorros.com/

Mark Templeton - http://www.myspace.com/marktempleton

Throbbing Gristle - http://www.throbbing-gristle.com/

Traummaschine - http://www.myspace.com/traummaschine

Tussle: www.tussle.org

Twilight Sad - http://www.twilightsad.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/thetwilightsad

Twinkranes - http://www.myspace.com/twinkranes

Ulan Bator: www.ulanbator-archive.com

Lutz Ulbrich [Ashra]: www.luul.de

Uli Trepte [ex-Guru Guru]: www.ulitrepte.de

Voice of the Seven Thunders - http://www.tchantinler.com/

White Hills - http://www.whitehillsmusic.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/whitehills

Andy Wilson [aka Sunseastar & Grand Errector] - http://sunseastar.com/

The Window Right: www.thewindowright.co.uk

Wooden Shjips - http://www.woodenshjips.com/ / http://www.myspace.com/woodenshjips

Wooden Wand - http://www.woodenwand.org/

Woodland - http://www.myspace.com/woodlandwoodworks

Wormrot - http://www.myspace.com/wormrotgrind

Wounded Knee - http://www.myspace.com/iamwoundedknee

Michael Yonkers - http://www.michaelyonkers.com / http://www.myspace.com/noonenotwo

Richard Youngs - http://www.jagjaguwar.com/artist.php?name=youngsrichard







8mm - http://www.8mmrecs.com

Acrobiotic - http://www.acrobiotic.com/

Alien8 Records - http://www.alien8recordings.com/

Amethyst Sunset - http://www.amethystsunset.net/

Ankst [Welsh label, lots of psych & makers of a Faust film] www.ankst.co.uk

Basses Frequences - http://www.bassesfrequences.org

Blackest Rainbow - http://www.blackest-rainbow.moonfruit.com/

Bureau B - http://www.bureau-b.com/

Captain Trip Records : www.captaintrip.co.jp

Chocolate Monk - http://chocolatemonk.co.uk

Colour Ride - http://www.colourride.co.uk

Dancing Wayang - http://www.dancingwayang.com/

Dirter Promotions - http://www.dirter.co.uk/

Dirty Knobby - http://www.dirtyknobby.com/

Dot Dot Dot Music - http://www.dotdotdotmusic.com/

Drag City - http://www.dragcity.com/

Earache - http://www.earache.com

Eclipse Records - http://www.eclipse-records.com/

Ecstatic Peace! - http://www.ecstaticpeace.com/

Ephre Imprint - http://www.ephreimprint.eu/

Essence Music - http://www.essence-music.com/

Experimedia - http://www.experimedia.net/

Finders Keepers - http://www.finderskeepersrecords.com/

Fluid Audio - http://www.fluidaudio.co.uk/

Fünfundvierzig - http://www.fuenfundvierzig.com/

Ghostjogger: www.ghostjogger.com

Ghostly International: http://www.ghostly.com

Great Pop Supplement: http://www.greatpopsupplement.com/

Groenland [home to Neu!]: www.groenland.com

Hipps In Tanks - http://hipposintanks.net/

Home Assembly Music - http://www.homeassemblymusic.com

HoZac - http://www.hozacrecords.com/

Important Records - http://www.importantrecords.com/

Install - http://www.installsound.net/

Itsu Jitsu - http://itsujitsu.wordpress.com/

Jagjaguwar - http://www.jagjaguwar.com

Klangbad - http://klangbad.de/cms/index.php

Kooky Records - http://kookydisc.co.uk/

Last Visible Dog - http://lvd.4mg.com/

The Lows and The Highs Records - http://thelowsandthehighs.co.uk/

Mandragora - http://www.mandragora.com/

Mantricum - http://www.mantricum.com

Mute [UK label, worked a lot with Can for DVD, remixes & remasters]: www.mute.com

No Fun Productions - http://www.nofunproductions.com/

Not Not Fun - http//www.notnotfun.com

Ochre - http://www.ochre.co.uk/

Omnempathy: http://omnempathy.com

Pica Disk - http://www.lassemarhaug.no/picadisk/

PSF - http://www.psfmm.com/ / http://www.psfrecords.com/

Pure Pop For Now People - http://www.ppfnp.com/

Random Records [home to Michael Rother]: www.randomrecords.de

ReR Megacorp [put out the amazing Faust box set]: www.rermegacorp.com/

Reverb Worship - http://reverbworship.com/

Riot Season - http://www.riotseason.com/

Room40 - http://www.room40.org/

Sangoplasmo Records - http://sangoplasmo.com/

Secret Eye - http://secreteye.org/

Sic Sic Tapes - http://www.sicsic.de/

Sick Head - http://www.geocities.com/sickheadtapes/ & http://www.myspace.com/sickheadlabel

Singing Knives - http://www.singingknivesrecords.co.uk/

Spoon Records - http://www.spoonrecords.com/

Static Caravan - http://www.staticcaravan.org/

SRA Sounds - http://www.srasounds.com

Strange Attractions - http://www.strange-attractors.com/

Sturmundrugs Records - http://sturmundrugs.blogspot.com/

Sub Pop - http://www.subpop.com/

Table of the Elements - http://www.myspace.com/tableoftheelements

Textile Records - http://www.textilerecords.com/

Thrill Jockey - http://www.thrilljockey.com

Touch - http://www.touchmusic.org.uk

Transparent Records - http://www.transparentblog.com/

Trensmat Records - http://www.trensmat.com

VHF - http://www.vhfrecords.com/

Vivo - http://vivo.pl/

Wholly Other - http://www.wholly-other.com/

Yod (also a record store) - http://www.yod.com

Young God Records - http://younggodrecords.com




Alt.Vinyl, Newcastle, UK - http://www.altvinyl.com / http://www.myspace.com/altvinyl

Aquarius Records, San Francisco, USA - http://www.aquariusrecords.org

Art Into Life, Japan: http://www.art-into-life.com/

Bimboe Tower, Paris, France: http://bimbo.tower.free.fr/

Blind Spot, Rennes, France: http://www.blindspot.fr

Boa Melody Bar, Beith, UK (mail order only) - http://www.apexonline.com/melodybar/

Cold Spring Records (UK, also a record label) - http://www.coldspring.co.uk/

Discriminate Music, USA (mail order only) - http://www.discriminatemusic.com/

Eclipse Records, San Jacinto, USA (mail order only) - http://www.eclipse-records.com/

Fusetron, Brooklyn, USA - http://www.fusetronsound.com/

Ikuisuus, Finland (mail order only) - http://www.ikuisuus.net

Infinite Limits, UK (mail order only) - http://www.infinite-limits.com/

Insula, Copenhagen, Denmark - http://www.insulamusic.com/

Meditations, Kyoto, Japan - http://www.meditations.jp/

Metamkine, Rives, France (mail order only) - http://www.metamkine.com/

Mimaroglue, Cambridge, USA (viewing by appointment only) – http://www.mimaroglumusicsales.com

Minimamedia, Germany (mail order only) - http://www.minimamedia.de/

Norman Records, Leeds, UK (Mail order only) - http://www.normanrecords.com/

Other Musick, North Point, Hong Kong (shop opens Sundays & public holidays only. weekdays by appointment) - http://www.othermusick.com/

Piccadilly Records, Manchester, UK - http://www.piccadillyrecords.com/

Rare & Racy Records, Sheffield, UK - http://www.rareandracy.co.uk/

Repo Man Records, Copenhagen, Denmark - http://www.myspace.com/repomanrecords

RRRecords, Lowell, USA - http://www.rrrecords.com

Rumpsti-Pumsti, Berlin, Germany: http://www.rumpsti-pumsti.com/

Second Layer Records, London, UK – http://www.secondlayer.co.uk

Staalplaat, Berlin, Germany - http://www.staalplaat.com

Stashed Goods, UK - http://www.stashedgoods.co.uk

Time Lag, USA (mail order only) - http://www.time-lagrecords.com/

Tomento Records, USA (mail order only) - http://www.tomentosarecords.com

Volcanic Tongue, Glasgow, UK – http://www.volcanictongue.com

Weirdo Records, Cambridge, USA – http://www.weirdorecords.com



B-Music - http://www.b-music.co.uk

Krautrock album database - http://krautrockgroup.blogspot.com/

A Crack In The Cosmic Egg [A-Z of German bands of the 70s & 80s): light version

Cosmic Dreams At Play [the Wikipedia of Kosmische!]: Cosmic Dreams At Play

Freq Music Magazine: http://www.freq.org.uk/

Kosmische [Put on events & have a radio show] www.kosmische.org

Julian Cope presents Head Heritage: www.headheritage.co.uk

Krautrockseite [excellent German site]: www.krautrockseite.de

Krautrock II group on Yahoo: krautrockII

Can gigography: canlive

Canopener [Can group on Yahoo]: Canopener

Rather good site: www.krautrock.com

Cosmic Price Guide: www.cosmic-price-guide.com

Sound Projector [magazine for left-leaning ears]: www.thesoundprojector.com

Rate Your Music [excellent resource for album discographies & reviews]: rateyourmusic.com

The Wire [magazine - billed as 'Adventures In Modern Music']: www.thewire.co.uk

My beer reviewing Twitter page: www.twitter.com/casktweets

Free The West Memphis 3 [Shocking American miscarriage of justice]: www.wm3.org

Threadless [freaky T-Shirts]: threadless.com